Why Trade?
Property trading or property exchanging is where the real estate market is always fruitius. Trading is a highly effective way of selling properties that may prove to be a little difficult to sell in the market and allows the seller to move forward with alternative Investments. Cash is always superior, but when the cash is not prevalent and the cash buyers are not there then an opportunity is a possible trade. You may need to release some cash out of a property or an asset and have not been able to find a buyer, and then a trade of another property plus cash may be an option.

How does it work?
You have a property or business that you would like to sell and haven’t had success with all the traditional sale methods, and now you are considering reducing the price to get some decent enquiry. Equity loss!! We think outside the square By trading you can use your equity to purchase another property or asset or to possibly release some cash out. Maybe you want to turn a non-income producing property into an income producing property. Looking for a business, we have vendors who will accept a trade as part payment…the possibilities are endless. Please call today to discuss further Neil Magro 0408 866 881